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The Helpful One

December 11, 2010

the helpful one,the trees are one
the second is else
the trees are the best

the nature gives us the beautiful gifts
trees are the one who quitely lifts
yhe wonderful flowers and the riping fruits
not anything else at least water their roots

the helpful one,the trees are one
they keep us away from the shining sun
they bear the heatbut say nothing
so let them fo as they are willing for sleeping

people cut them for their own purpose
but never think of what a tree suffers
the blood runs from the top of their trunk
but they hold the pain as long as they are shrunk

they’re also a living thing,i think
because of them our delicate eyes blink
they give shelter to animals for every while
but they do not get anything until they are bit alive

why is it so?can anyone of you tell
but i know that there is no one else
i also nod my head for this difficult answer
for one thing i tell that the trees are the best

Jahnvi Bedia


From → Students Corner

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