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Confident Kids, in school and Beyond

January 1, 2011

Confident Kids, in school and Beyond

Two of the best gifts parents can give to their children are support and validation. Kids will develop respect for themselves and others if they learn from the adults in their lives that what they think, feel and do is important.
Sara Dimerman, founder of Canada’s Parent Education and Resource Centre and author of Character Is the Key and Am I a Normal Parent?, says children who are encouraged to work towards goals and take pride in their successes are more likely to develop healthy senses of self-worth and lead happy, productive lives. Here are more of her suggestions on how to instill on how to instill confidence in your children.
Show your children you believe in them by acknowledging their efforts, improvements and interests. This will motivate them to work harder and meet higher expectations. When children are told “you can do better,” they often do worse. Why? Because they feel defeated.
Balance competitive extracurricular activities with those that encourage a personal best, such as swimming, karate or art classes.
Don’t ask how your children’s classmates did; ask, “Are you happy with your results?” The idea is to focus on your kid’s accomplishments, since every child’s capabilities are different.
Frame certificates of achievements and awards to encourage your children to strive for more of the same. And foster pride in your children’s accomplishment.
Don’t lump behaviours into “good” or “bad”. Instead, be specific (“I appreciate it when you help put away the dishes”) to encourage or deter more of the same.

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