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Delays are Dangerous

January 6, 2011

Delays are Dangerous

There are many situations in our daily life where this proverb actually works. It’s almost always where we tend to work on time but it delays which further leads to problems. Infact it’s with many people in this world including me.

In our school days we mainly delay in submitting our work or preparing our project. But why can’t we do it on time if it’s already given before? Why to leave the work for tomorrow? Why to face problems in future? The best day is today. In our busy schedule we will not get time but we have to take out some time for important work.

Laziness is the other reasons of delays. Remember lazy persons can never do anything in their life. We have to be serious in certain cases in our life like in studies, career. In modern generation kids are generally punctual but mostly they delay. They don’t know the value of time. Time is precious. Time never waits for anyone but instead we have to according to time. It’s never too late to become what you might have been. Ending I would like to say “As you will into practice go qualities of patience, punctuality and sincerity you would have a better opinion of the world around you.”

By Prerna Singh
Class:- 7-C


From → Students Corner

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