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Baba Ramdev

January 21, 2011

Baba Ramdev

Be it children, senior citizens or the high pressurized executive Baba Ramdev is actually revered in all homes. Viewing his broadcast on yoga and accepting simple lifestyle changes Baba Ramdev believes that even a disease like cancer can be cured if one is willing to change the lifestyle. A minimalist in his life needs, Baba Ramdev advises a stress reduced life and avoiding junk or labeled foods to maintain good health.

He advocates for the plight of farmers and we being a rich agricultural country must recognize the need for welfare of our farmers. Though a propagator of yoga and patanjali yoga, Baba also has the gumption to set a tirade against corruption with his andolan. He also raises the caution of ignoring the black money present in Swiss accounts.

Despite criticisms and allegations, Baba Ramdev has millions all over the world and many swear by following his advice and eradicating their illness. Most of his yoga requires practice and he repeatedly displays the poses so that even a novice can pick it up. He has the ability to communicate in a jocular vein and also gives plausible explanations of the disease and cure for the same. His programs on Television are viewed worldwide and he is surely won the hearts of many people.

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