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Winner of Life

January 29, 2011

Winner of Life

Winner of the life is who
Knows what when to do.
When to work and when to rest,
He always knows it the best.
If he fails the first time,
He does it second time.
If he fails in the third try,
He does not get disheartened and cry.
Difficulties are usual in the path of life,
They can slash through happiness like a knife.
Failures are the stepping stones to success,
We learn more if we get them in excess.
Abraham Lincoln is the best example,
His path of life would always ramble.
He faced a number of failures in a row,
But then also his spirits never went low.
So try to be strong enough to face the life,
There can be a struggle or strife.
But life never stops even after you fail,
In the sea of life you should continue to sail.
Even if you fail, there’s a new hope,
In the life with which you have got to cope.
So, try to be the winner of your life,
Handle wisely, every strife.

— By Harita Reddy


From → Students Corner

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