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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

February 6, 2011

Name of the book: Oliver Twist (Abridged edition)

Author: Charles Dickens

Pages :- 87

Summary of the book: –

Oliver Twist was an orphan. Soon after his birth his mother died and he was brought up in an orphanage and after some time because of ill treatment he ran away from there and accidentally joined a group of robbers. There they forced him to steal and be a pickpocket. But he refused to lead a life of crime and escaped from there. After that he was with a family for sometime. There he is seen by someone who knew his father and he and his friends try to find his true ancestry and they succeed in it. And with that they too find his half brother who tried to make him a thief. The story ends with that he settles with his father’s friend who recognize him as his adopted son. It is a very thrilling novel with many twists and turns and of course added with adventure.

By:- Arpan Shukla
Class VIII C


From → Students Corner

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