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Test your world cup Knowledge ( Cricket )

February 24, 2011

Test Your world Cup Knowledge

1 Which South African player had five consecutive not-outs in the 1999 world Cup?
2 what similarity do Mohinder Amarnath, Arvanda De’ Silva and Shane Warne Share?
3 How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar Score in 2003 World cup final?
4 In the 1996 World cup, Which non-Test playing team defeated West Indies?
5 Who picked up six wicket in the 1975 world Cup semi-final and Five wicket in the final?

Answer :-

1 Lance Klusener

2 They all won the man of the Match awards in semifinals as well as finals

3 Four

4 Kenya

5Gary Gilmour of Australia.

Collected By :- Arpan Shukla
class:- 8 C


From → Students Corner

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