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Preserving the source of life for Tomorrow

March 4, 2011

Preserving the source of life for Tomorrow

We realize the value of water when we face cut in water supplies during summer. If things continue in the same manner like present, then such cuts in water supplies will not be limited just to the summer.
According to a new study published in the American Mateorological Society’s Journal of Climate, the flow of water in the world’s largest rivers has declined over the past half century. These rivers include the Ganga in India, the Yellow River in China, the Niger in West Africa and the Colorado in the southwestern United States.
There are various possible reasons for the decline in the river waters. Some of them are increase in population, installation of dams, using water for agriculture and construction etc. But, the major cause of reduction is climate change, which is altering rainfall patterns and increasing evaporation due to higher temperatures.
The area showing a significant increase in flow was the Arctic, where warming conditions are increasing the snow and ice melt. An increase in flow has been observed in the Brahmaputra in India and Yangtze River in China. However, this increase is temporary as the Himalayan glaciers are disappearing and the water supply will reduce gradually. Apart from the water supply will reduce gradually. Apart from the water crisis, this will also result in making the oceans saltier as less freshwater will be discharged into the oceans.

Courtesy from Navneet News House


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