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If I Were A Pilot

March 17, 2011

If I Were A Pilot

Soaring in the magnificent sky,
That sky which was wonderfully blue.
Beside the birds I fly,
This would only become true
If I were a pilot…

Over the hills and over the plains,
Over the tree tops and over my house.
Over the parachutes and over the trains,
I would fly faster than flocks of doves.
If I were a pilot…

I would make my plane go faster and faster,
Like a jet rocket going to space.
Of all the pilots, I would be the master,
Flying at a fast pace.
If I were a pilot…

I’ll go through the clouds for some fun,
It would be just like a dream.
The mighty sky I would have won,
So wonderful it might seem.
If I were a pilot…

— By Harita Reddy


From → Students Corner

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