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My Dreamland

March 17, 2011

My Dreamland

At night when I go to bed,
Very tired and very well fed.
I think about the dreams I have,
Especially the ones I love.

As I close my sleepy eyes,
I dream about things nice.
An image pops into my mind,
Which is unique of its kind.

My dreamland has various things,
Mnay surprises it brings.
With trees of apple and pear,
scattered on the land everywhere.

Blooming flowers like rose and blubells,
speading their pleasant fragrance.
Flocks of buttercups and nettle,
With each having a tender petal.

Peacocks with soft shiny feathers,
Sparrows chirping in all weathers.
Fields of ripening sweetcorn,
Gardens of poppies and fern.

Shiny, gleaming transparent rivers,
Passing by the dew covered clovers.
Shimmering yellow sun with a smile,
Spreading its rays to a great mile.

Having this great dream, I smile,
The dream being long, as long as river Nile.
Then someone shakes me gently,
I open my eyes and see someone friendly.

Its my mother who wakes me up,
Holding some water in a cup.
She says, “If you haden’t woken up,
I would have drenched you from down to up.”

Harita Reddy
Class :- VIII-A


From → Students Corner

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