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Let’s Check your knowledge :- 2

June 4, 2011

Let’s Check your knowledge :- 2


1   On which river is the Sardar Sarovar Dam located?

(A) Damodar (B) Godavari (C) Carvery (D)Narmada

2   Which hills are also called elephant mountain?

(A) Niligiri  (B) Cardamom (C) Anaimalai (D) Khasi Hills

3   Which Indian- born American as trophysicist evaved the theory

      on the later evalution any stages of massive stars?

(A) Jagdis Chandra Bose  (B) Subramanayan Chandra  Sekhar

(C) Satyendra Nath Bose (D) P.C. Mahalanohis

4   Who was the first chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir?

(A) Maharaja Hari Singh (B) Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah

(C) Maharaja Gulab Singh (D) Farooq Abdullah

5   In which state is Bohag Bihu celeberated?

(A)Assam (B) Mizoram (C) Tripura (D) West Bengal

6   Which of these is a Dravidian language?

(A) Bengali (B) Hindi (C) Tamil (D) Kashmiri

7  To which species does the Komodo Dragon belong?

(A) Amphibians (B) Reptiles (C) Birds (D) Insects

8   Which is the oldest and most familiar type of compass?

(A) Magnetic compass  (B) Gyromagnetic compass

(C) Knight compass  (D) Gyroscope

9   Who discovered the three principals of planetary motion?

(A) Johannes Kepler (B) Galileo (C) Nicolus Copernicus

(D) Tycho Brahe

10 Which of these sports involves forcing one’s opponent’s shoulders

to touch the mat?

(A) Kabaddi (B) Wrestling (C) Karate  (D) Fencing


1 (D)  Narmada 2 (C)Anaimalai Hills  3 (B) Subramanyan 

Chundra Sekhar  4 (B) Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah 5 (A)Assam

6 ( C)Tamil 7 ( B)Reptiles 8 (A)Magnetic compass  

9 (A) Johannes Kepler  10 ( B) Wrestling



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