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Science for Progress

June 5, 2011

Science for progress

Whether one considers it a boon or bane, the truth is that science has made major contributions in the progress of mankind. Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.” And it is indeed men’s questioning nature that leads to great scientific discoveries, from Newton’s gravity to Tim-Berners Lee’s World Wide Web. However it doesn’t take rare geniuses to create scientific wonders. All it takes is a love for the subject and a questioning nature for new ways to do things.
It was this desire to do something new that drove engineering students from Bangalore to create India’s smallest satellite. At a students’ science exhibition held last year in Mumbai, the exhibits by students were the symbols of this dedication and enthusiasm for science. One student had create a bio-fuel out of sugar cane; another pair had developed handicrafts out of discarded fish scales. Yet another pair had created a movable solar machine. Many such young people all over the world create scientific innovations that can be used to make life easier and safer.

Not everyone has to be a science enthusiast or an inventor. But it’s important to appreciate the virtues of Science and the efforts of those who pursue it. Indian students are constantly winning International Olympiads and science competition. They come up with breakthrough developments in Science exhibitions and projects. Yet their achievements are often not publicized enough. Science exhibitions hardly find too many hardly find too many visitors. Young science enthusiasts struggle to find sponsors and guides for their project. It’s necessary to encourage young Indians on the path of scientific innovation with motivation as well as material help. Only then can India become a true superpower.


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