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Corruption……. Where is Corruption?

July 3, 2011

Corruption………..Where is corruption?

Any movement against corruption either by Anna Hazare or Ramdev or by any one else is not only farce but also wrong, unwarranted, misleading as well as against the basic tenets of Hindu philosophy. It is only Ashok, the great, the great Akabar, the great or lastly the British who could understand Whatis the CURRUPTION. Instead of going back to extreme history, consider the British from whom We Hindu had gained the independence or the self rule after a slavery of 2000 years.

British were aliens to Indians. Still they made Indian Penal Code, Criminial Procedure Code or Civil Procedure Code and numerous other laws. Has any one tired to ponder or investigate or made any honest enquires why such laws were enacted and for whom they were enacted? They tried to change the old dictum “ King’s men can do no wrong”. Therefore, they enacted laws against themselves i.e. laws which curtailed any discretionary powers of the state as well as of its officers thus no bribing only rule of law.

As per Hindu rituals, NAV GRAPH pooja is essential or must either at the birth in the house or start of any new work even after the death of any member in the family. What it is! A bribe of Rupee one and twenty five paise to these nine Grahs. Or one would offer Rupee one and twenty five paise Prasad to his Isht Devata on fulfillment of his wishes. This is a routine ritual in any Hindu family thus from birth to death bribing is our fundamental rule.

Our Hindu holy scriptures are full of different episode when the kingdom of Devatas( may be Shiv, Brahma etc.) was under attack by any sage person, these devatas used to send apsaras to lure these sagement so that their concentrations lost and thus saved their kingdom. Is it not a bribing?

So why we are cribbing now about the high rate of corruption in today’s Hindu’s free India? In case if we want corruption free India, we have to consign our Hindu philosophy to Indian Ocean which we will not do because it is the foundation of our Mahan Hindu Sanskriti.



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