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How To Develop A Good Self-Image

July 4, 2011

How To Develop A Good Self-Image

We all tend to think too little of ourselves, and so we fail to achieve more than a fraction of our true potential.
The Self-image is the key to human personality. Change the Self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.
We always act in accordance with our self-image, and our feelings and behavior are always consistent with this inner picture of ourselves. This is the blue print from which our subconscious mind works.
Be entirely positive. List only your good points, Write down the things that you can do. The things that you are better than others. The things you are proud of. Constantly work at the idea of a new positive attitude. Be sure, therefore, to picture strongly to yourself the kind of person you wish to be. Mentally see yourself acting with courage and determination in the given situation. Do this repeatedly and you will soon form a habit of acting courageously. Try to picture yourself as an outgoing, friendly person when others love to be with you. It is the little things you do each day – the way react to what is happening, how you develop good feeling for others, what you are constantly thinking about yourself, and hoe this.


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