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Sir Winston Churchill

August 5, 2011

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Churchill (1874-1965) is one of the most great leaders in modern world history. As a young man, Churchill had served not only his country but also served India, Cuba and South Africa.
The young Churchill passed a neglected childhood , redeemed only by the affection of Mrs. Everest, his devoted nurse. Because of his poor academic record his father got him entered into an army career. However, he graduated in the year of his father Lord Randolph’s tragic death.

A leader, statesman, author and orator, Sir, Winstorn Churchill helped lead his country and the Allies to victory as the Prime Minister of Britain during World War II.

Winston Churchill emerged as one of the most interesting and colourful Briton’s to transition from Victorian to the modern era. He was soldier, painter, writer, orator, politician and world leader.

Churchill won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1953 and knighted Sir Winston Churchill. His first speech as Prime Minister to the House of Common on May 13, 1940 was , “ Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat.”

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