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Let’s Check your Knowledge :-4

August 9, 2011

Let’s Check your Knowledge:-4

1 Author of ‘Bitter Sweet’ is

(A) K.A.Abbas (B)Noel Coward
(C)John O’hara (D)L.C.Donglas

2 Author of ‘Deserted Village’ is

(A) Oliver Goldsmith (B)H.J.Laski
(C)A.Dante (D)J.D.Watson

3 ‘Afflnence Society’ has been written by

(A) J.K.Galbraith (B)J.P.Sastre
(C)L.Fischer (D)H.Crews

4 Kabir Samman’ is given for excellence in the field of

(A) Sports (B)Space Research
(C)Literature (D)Music

5 Nobel Prize(literature 1990) was recieved by

(A) J.E.Murray (B)H.M.Markoirtz
(C)Octavio Pazz (D)None

6 The books ‘My Years With Indira Gandhi’has been written by

(A) Khushwant Singh (B)P.C.Alexander
(C)Mihir Bose (D)Praful Mohanti

7 The author of the book ‘Changing Village , Changing Life’ is

(A) Praful Mohanti (B)M.N.Srinivas
(C)Andhra Bettile (D)S.C.Dube

8 The book’The Players of the Past’ has been written by

(A) David Candena (B)M.N.Srinivas
(C)K.A.Abbas (D)Khushwant Singh

9 The book ‘My son’s Father’ is written by

(A) Mihir Bose (B)Don Morris
(C)Don Martindole (D)none

10 Author of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ is

(A) Rabindranath Tagore (B)William Wordsworth
(C)H.G.Wells (D)Jonathan Swift

11. Author of ‘India Divided’ is

(A) Rajendra Prasad (B)V.V.Giri
(C)F.A.Ahmed (D)Zail Singh

12. Author of ‘Unhappy India’ is

(A) John Ruskin (B)Lala Lajpat Rai
(C)Jawaharlal Nehru (D)none

13. Author of ‘The National Voice’ is

(A) Bankim Chandra Chatterji (B)C.Rajagopalachari
(C)Prem Chand (D)none

14 Who has written ‘Mother India’ ?

(A) Sarojini Naidu (B) Rajiv Gandhi
(C)Jawaharlal Nehru (D)Katherine Mayo

15. Author of ‘All the President’s Men’ is

(A) Khushwant Singh (B)Jonathan Swift
(C)Janardan Thakur (D)none

16. Author of ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ is

(A) William Shakespeare (B)Richard
(C)U.S.Naipaul (D)Jules Verne

17. Author of ‘Tale of Two Cities’ is

(A) Charles Dickens (B)Kenneth Arrow
(C)John O’hara (D)none

18. Who has written ‘Shakuntala’?

(A) Kalidasa (B) Kabir
(C) Tulisidas (D)none

19. Author of ‘Runs and Ruins’ is

(A)Imran Khan (B)Ian Botham
(C)Clive Lloyd (D)None

20 Author of ‘The Gathering Storm’

(A) D.H.Lawrence (B)Benazir Bhutto
(C)Khuswant (D) none


1 : C 2 : B 3 : A 4 : C 5 : C
6 : A 7 : A 8 : A 9 : B 10 : D
11 : A 12 : B 13 : B 14 : D 15 : C
16 : D 17 : A 18 : A 19 : D 20 : B


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