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Corruption : A Terror of India

August 16, 2011

Corruption :A Terror of India

Corruption is at its all time best in Resent days in India. It Commenced during the time of kings and emperors, when guards used to take money from people who wanted to meet the king. It continues in presents times thanks to politicians who are interested in filling their stomachs no matter how the outside world suffers.

Recently, the president of a Swiss bank tweeted the around 238 lac crore Indian rupees wee invested in the bank> This amount can actually 1137 crore people and exempt lacs of people from paying income tax. Nobody knows where this money has come from.
The most common example of corruption that we see in our daily life is at traffic signals. Police constables are bribed indiscriminately by people on being caught for offending and not abiding by the law. In the film ’ Robot 2010’, a scene is featured wherein Rajanikant gives a fine cut in the hand of constable when he demands money for not punishing him. I feel that such corrupt constables should not be given the right to put people behind bars but they themselves should be put behind bars instead.

The Adarsh tower scam in Mumbai is the perfect epitome of a case of corruption. Former Chief minister Ashok Chavan had to give up his seat for being involved in the case. The commonwealth Games 2010 saw a lot of corruption too. Suresh Kalmadi’s house was raided as many doubted that filled his pocket with money in the form of expenses for the games.

This reminds me of saying which means something to the extent of , ‘a man was asked what amount more than he had a in present’. Let’s hope that the critical case of corruption is a taken seriously. The young generation is a ray of hope for India and we can make the country a nest of golden eggs again. Let’s make a resolution that we will never bribe anyone and if we witness any sort of corrupt activity, we will take the needed steps.

Courtesy : Robin Age


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