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Jim Henson

September 1, 2011

Jim Henson

Jim Henson

BORN in Mississippi on September 24, 1936, as James Maury Henson, Jim Henson is one of the most widely-known puppeteers in history. While he was still in college, he created Sam and Friends, a live-action/ puppet TV show. After a few early struggles, he got the opportunity to participate in the famous children’s TV series Sesame Street. Its success gave birth to “The Muppet Show”- the show featured Henson’s most unforgettable characters – the Muppets.

Henson went on to make films such as The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper. He also created advanced puppets for Fraggle Rock and films such as The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. He was an Oscar-nominated film director and Emmy Awardwinning TV producer. He founded The Jim Henson
Company, The Jim Henson Foundation and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Henson died on May 16, 1990. He was honoured posthumously with the Courage of Conscience Award, as well as the Disney Legends Award.

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