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Enthusiasm Leads To Achievement

September 5, 2011

Enthusiasm Leads To Achievement

“Without enthusiasm, nothing great was ever achieved.” Wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. With enthusiasm, an average man has boundless possibilities for achievement.

Most of us can cultivate enthusiasm until it becomes our nature. If someone feels habitually tired out and fed up with ill health or inactivity, it is due to lack of enthusiasm. What can bring about a cure in such a case? The great needs is for some kind of faith or religion, which gives the individual something he can positively believe in and adopt it.

Study almost any person who lives with enthusiasm, and you will find that he is powered by some philosophy of life. Herbet Casson, efficiency expert who had a philosophy said: My philosophy of life is to do good and have a good time. Life is not worth living, if we do not help others.

There was an Elderly doctor who was 93 and always bubbling with enthusiasm. He was the General Secretary of the oldest association of Homoeopathy in Tamil Nadu. He was a walking encyclopedia on Homoeopathy. He did everything possible to make Homoeopathy popular. I never found him lazy or inactive.

He did his best to perform any job assigned to him. All this he did at a time when he lost his eyesight in one eye, his wife died and he was struck by paralysis. A model service-minded doctor, indeed.

Make a telephone call and make a friend or acquaintance happy. He may be in need of words of solace and that will go a long way to make him enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is infectious. We can deliberately set out to get ourselves strongly infected, by associating with those who are bubbling with enthusiasm.

We can read books written by those who are overflowing with enthusiasm with their ideas. We can go to lectures by enthusiasts when we have an occasion to be enthusiastic. It is always worth remembering that a single thought can transform a life. Many people find that the job they are doing dampens their enthusiasm. Sometimes they are not involved I the job they do.
But very often a person who complain that his job kills his enthusiasm is not speaking the truth. He may not have learned enough about it. He may be expecting spectacular results or promotion too soon.

Greater enthusiasm can be promoted in our lives when we give ourselves a challenging situation to deal with it. It may be discover all we can about a particular subject. It may be to learn to do something well. One of the finest recipes for developing greater enthusiasm is simply “Start learning something new.”

Action stimulates enthusiasm. Boredom and lack of interest in life are very often mainly due to insufficient activity in useful directions.

A living example is to be found in a comparison of two men who both retired in reasonable health at about the same time. One was grieved because his firm would not allow him to work after sixty. He came to regard retirement as the end of real life. He lives on regrets and past memories.

The often man drew up for himself a fifteen-year plan, and started living a new life. He is now doing many works he had previously wanted to find time to do. It is always refreshing to talk to him because he is so full of joy for living. He is the most interesting and enthusiastic individual in the neighbourhood.

If you observe a really happy man, you will find him busy doing something, building a toy boat, writing a poem, education his son or growing roses in his garden.
When we adopt a positive attitude towards life and start talking definite action, we are sowing the seeds of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can make all things possible.

From :- “Wisdom” Magazine


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