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Right Ways to instill good values in Children

September 5, 2011

Right Ways to instill good values in Children

With Videogames and computers distracting children constantly, as a parent you are left with very little of their time and even less of their attention. However, what should still be a priority is the value system children grow up with. While it’s easy to forget and let it go, teaching them by example and introducing values and gestures into the little things they do every day can go a long way in shaping their life and future.

The little thing

Browing to elder or even encouraging children to say “ namaste” instead of “ Hey Dadi” will go a long way in teaching them traditional values. Children learn by example and if they see you do something before eating it your self and sharing what you are eating or drinking are some of the simple ways in which you can inculcate good values in children.

Helping Heroes

At restaurant or malls, people are often looking down upon staff or treating them in an inferior manner. Let children know that the staff is there to help us and that without a waiter or a watchman we would be helpless. We need to thank the security personal each time he opens the door as also we must thank the waiter for the food that he brings to the table.

Values of Words

Teach children how standing by one’s promises of extreme importance. If they say they will do something, they must stand by their word and honor it. That means being there to meet a friend when they said they would or helping a buddy with their homework or doing a home chore. No matter what it is, it must be done if it has been said.

Engaging with Empathy

There is no better way to reach out to others and be a good human being than being able to help people in need. Let children know that they should be ready to offer a hand whenever the need may arise. Help them learn the importance of being there for someone in need and being able to put themselves into another person’s shoes.

Responsible Adults

Hold your children responsible if they have done something in manner which is assertive yet not violent. Teach them what their mistake was and how it could be affect them and others.
Helping your children develop the right values is completely up to you. The right way to train children is to lead by example.


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