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Effect of Media and E-Education on Students and Society

September 18, 2011

Effect of Media and E-Education on students and Society

Decades ago. The newspaper was the only source of information. People would eagerly and impatiently pore over their dailies to quench their thirst for knowledge of happenings all over the world.

With the advent of satellite television and rapid technological innovation, communication has under gone a dramatic transformation world wide . The TV and computer have emerged as the most powerful sources of information, entertainment and knowledge. We now have dedicated channels for specialized viewing like news, education and the like. Electronic media and the internet have a positive effect on students and society at large. On the click of a button, one can acquire professional degree without attending college. One can also look for a jobs, shop for items and do mostly anything. With all these advancements the world has virtually come closer and improved vastly.
Media not being an exception has a head as well as a tail. Teenagers tend to utilize a major part of their time including in chatting on the net and are practically left with an empty feeling. Careers of those seeking jobs are at stake.

E-business has created many jobless people because of preference of various companies to work via the internet and person can practice two job at a time. With TV having a great impact on young minds, parents find children turning defiant, aggressive and hungry for riches instead of knowledge.

But the media , in its powerful form, has come to stay and what else can we hope and pray for but that we and our coming generations will make prudent use of it?

Courtesy : Robin Age


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