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Are Scientific Inventions making us Happier?

October 16, 2011

Are Scientific Inventions making us Happier?

One of the most popular question often asked whether scientific inventions are making us happier .Science has blessed mankind with such instrument that it has changed the face of our globe. It has provided a new dimension to human life.

As it is rightly said, a coin has two sides. Science too is considered as constructive as well as destructive. Scientific inventions make earth heaven but earth becomes hell due to the side-effect of some inventions.

ACs makes us feel comfortable during the hot season but in reality they contribute to global warming. People are becoming more mad more techno savvy. Children feel like they are in seventh heaven by sitting in front of idiot box or the computer, which harms their eyes. The age of learning from nature is long gone. Science invented money, which discouraged the poor and made some classes humans downtrodden. Money has killed sensitive relationship. Medical science has progressed by leaps and bounds and on other hand, global warming has created diseases which never existed in the past.

Science, which was initially a servant, is swiftly becoming the master of humankind. Man alone can undo this debacle if we wakes up to the occasion and strikes the iron while it’s hot. We will be at zenith if we burn the midnight oil to be resilient and encourage science to defeat its own self.

Courtesy : Robin Age


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