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Know about News Paper

November 2, 2011

Know about News Paper

A newspaper is a set of large printed sheets of paper containing news, articles, and
advertisements. It is published every day or once in every week. Here are a few terms
associated with it.

TABLOID – A newspaper of small page size, usually 11 inches wide and 17 inches deep

MASTHEAD – Details of the publisher, place of publication, editorial staff and information about the newspaper, generally placed on the editorial page

EARS – Space at top of top the front page on either side of the newspaper’s name where advertisements, weather news, index to pages or announcement of special features appear

CLASSIFIED ADS – Advertisements placed by people and businesses to let people know about items for sale and available jobs.

EDITOR – An editor is the person who decides what news goes in the paper and where it will appear. One who reviews, corrects and sometimes rewrites stories submitted by reporters.

EDITORIAL – It is and expression of opinion on a subject by an editor who speaks on behalf of the publisher or owner of the newspaper. It is also the mane of the department where news is gathered, written and edited.



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