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Children’s Day – A symbol of continuity

November 14, 2011

Children’s Day – A symbol of continuity

Among the multitude of days marked with different nomenclatures, Children’s day falling on 14th November is celebrated with joyful happiness that reminds us with forceful emphasis the separate and strong identity of children.

We celebrate Independence Day, Republic day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day etc, separately owing to their individual and separate relevance.
They happen to be separately significant and thus make their own contribution towards the total celebrations of a particular year
In the totality of the celebration, Children’s day is an aspect of far- reaching significance. All the developments and discoveries worth consideration have been made to ensure easiness to the lives and learnings of children.

Why do we celebrate Children’s day on 14th November to coincide with Pt, Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday?

It was Pt. Nehru who famously stopped discriminating between boys and girls in the matter of providing education and growth as is evident by the shining development achieved by his daughter Indira. He initiated the tradition of ‘first is fine’ and ‘first is last’ in the matter of child and provided the best education to his child regardless of gender This uniform approach and attitude of his towards boys and girls made him universally acceptable among children, thereby earning ‘Chacha’ in the form of addition to his name among children and started being called Chacha Nehru by children universally and uniformly. Children are the foundation of the world and carrier of the process of developments and discoveries to their next levels.

They-children- are today consumers of whatever easiness is available in the society and will be come, of course some not all, tomorrow’s producers of next levels of growth of comfort for the coming generation Hence while celebrating Children’s Day on 14th November, we should not lose sight of the fact that the children are the symbol of continuity of all that exist today in the world as they will advance the frontiers of knowledge-be scientific, technological, art, etc.
Therefore, they should be well flourished and cared educationally, emotionally and environmentally so that the tempo of generational journey can continue unhindered.

By :- Arvind Kumar Singh


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