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Children’s Day Message from a child

November 14, 2011

Children’s Day Message from a child

I, on this Children’s Day, want you all to remember how much our beloved Chacha Nehru loved children. On behalf of all the children, I wish to share this request which will surely be read by all the children.

Dear elders,

Nag us not in front of others specially our friends, for we feel humiliated.

Shower us not with expensive gifts, instead teach us the value of Money.

Listen to our viewpoint, don’t start scolding unnecessarily.

Say no to our regular consumption of junk food like pizza, burger, coke, etc. ,because it makes us obese and lethargic.

Don’t always emphasize on our studies and tutions alone. Please understand, we have a tight and versatile schedule- dance classes, sports, and so on, apart from regular studies.

Meet and know our friends but don’t ask personal questions, as we feel embarrassed. Too i.e. , the computers; be techno savvy.

Criticize not our dressing sense, guide us friendly way.

Check us when we are trying to emotionally blackmail you, please guide us then.

Don’t accept our aggressive and unruly behaviour, we are young and maybe wrong.

Spend Some time with us, We enjoy your company.

Don’t pamper us when we are wrong, your guidance is valuable to us.

After all, it is you who we look forward to for strength, guidance and support.

Warm Regards,
Children Of the present generation

By Saumya Kamdar

Courtesy :- Children’s World


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