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Who is he?

December 8, 2011

Who is he

Here are clues to famous stories and their main characters- can you name them?

1 She is a spoilt 10 year old who comes to England to stay with her uncle after her parents die. She discovers a secret garden that later helps to solve some big problems in the house hold.

2. He grows up in the jungle with wolf cubs, and is friends with Baloo the bear, and bagheera the panther. When he’s older he takes revenge on Sher khan., the tiger who killed his parents.

3 She is an intelligent girl, but her parents do not realize this , and her headmistress thinks, she is telling tales. Only her class teacher, miss. Honey appreciates her intelligence.

4 He is a hobbit who goes treasure-hunting with 13 dwarves and befriend Gandalf, the wizard. They have many adventures before confronting a dragon, who guards a treasure.

Answer :-
1 Character :- Mary Lennox
Book :- The Secret garden

2 Character :- Mowgli
Book :- Jungle Book

3 Character :- Matilda
Book :- Matilda

4 Character :- Bilbo
Book :- The Hobbit

From : – Gokulam


From → GK and Quizzes

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