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E-book Reader

December 24, 2011

E-book Reader

Technically, any device that allows you to read e-books is an e-book reader. But many companies have developed specialized e-book readers that function only for the purpose of reading digital books and periodicals. E-book and periodicals are a complete digital reproduction of the original form with text and images.

What are the advantages of dedicated e-book reader?

Dedicated e-book readers are larger the e-book readers on a phone, but they are still compact enough to be portable and handy. The main advantage is that they offer better readability on their screens, especially in bright sunlight, and have a longer battery life. An e-book reader looks like tablet computer but has a faster screen and is capable of refreshing pages much faster, making them more suitable to reading. These devices read different formats of e-books including PDF files, plain text files, HTML files, plain text files, HTML files and other less known formats What’s more, they allow you to store hundreds of books, bookmark pages and refer to a dictionary or research further as you read your book.

How do e-book readers work?

E-book readers use technology called E Ink. This technology can be considered as electronic paper. E Ink uses power to display text on a screen, but once it is displayed, it no longer requires power to keep the text visible. This saves the user a lot of power and thus e-book readers are considered green and environment-friendly. The downside of this technology was that it could display text and graphics in monochrome (one color) only. However, this is no longer the case as e-book readers are now available in color too.
E-book readers support Bluetooth, high-speed Internet connection and touch screen technology. The internet connection can be used to access various online stores that offer e-book downloads. Once the e-books are downloaded, it’s just matter of selecting, opening and flipping through the pages of your e-books.


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