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Transforming Education through Computers

February 29, 2012

Transforming Education through Computers

“A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit.”

With this opening thought , let me throw light on the revolution that is rapidly taking place in the field of Education. We notice that from gurukuls to the classrooms and from classrooms to the techno rooms. The education system is shifting its venues speedily. The cause, without doubt, is computers. They have invaded every facet of education, from nursery to college. Schools are spending millions of rupees installing new computers.

In just about five years, the number of internet hots has skyrocketed from two million to nearly 20 million. It is not uncommon for class six students to surf the Net, design their own homepages and e-mail their friends or strangers they have met on the web. Computer literacy is a reality for many junior and high school students.

Computers and the internet are using us into the next literacy revolution. The technological optimists sing a siren song of an enchanted new land where the educational benefits of computers and the internet are boundless. We can see that children can now access information on any conceivable subject. If a little boy or a girl wants to learn about far-away cultures, they can access sites from their own homes that will teach them about the languages and cultures of the world. The internet has created a truly democratic space where all have equal access to information and education. Computers will son allow students to have e-mail conversations with expert any subject around the world. No longer will students be limited by their own classroom, teacher or environment.

Computer learning is the wave of the future and classrooms may become obsolete or voluntary. In the words of John Sculley , former CEO of Apple inc, new technologies have crated an “ avalanche of personal creativity and achievement” and given students the “ ability to explore, convey and create knowledge as never before.”
Children who used to hate going to school will love to learn to read and write, to work on mathematics and study science. They will voluntarily spend hours learning on the web instead of being dependant on endless books and tough teachers.

Let me conclude on very cautious note – computers allow students to expand their learning beyond the classroom but in the midst of this technological explosion, you need to ponder over a few questions to avoid misuse of his boon. Pause… think… and ask….. “ To what extent can computer technology be beneficial to me/ Am I, as a student learning more or less because of the computer? What exactly am I learning ? “ Be the lamp to be lit so that you might become the cause in expelling the darkness around.

From : – Robin Age


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