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Brain Blowing Book Facts

March 24, 2012

Brain Blowing Book Facts

  1. The world’s biggest book is called the Super Book. It is 2.74 wide and 3.07 long and it Weights over 250kg. You can not read this book lying in Bed!

  2.  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had a first –run print of 8.5 million copies. This is over 80 times the average best seller.

  3.  The Weirdest book is called Cent mille milliards de poems ( one hundred million million poem). It has ten pages with 14 lines on each page and every single page is cut into strips, containing one line of the poem.

  4. The world’s lengthiest online novel contains 17 million words. Do you think you can finish this novel in your whole life?

  5.  The first edition of Alice’s Adventure in wonderland was sold for $1.5 million at an auction inNw York.

  6. Jose Carlos Ryoki, a Brazilian author, published 1,058 novels between 1986 and 1996. That is two books per week, 8.8 books per month, or over 100 books per year! Did he ever sleep?

  7.  The world’s most expensive book is the original copy of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Cantebury Tales. It is sold foe a record Pound 4,621500 ( 9 times the expected price). That is equivalent to Rupees 369,720,00!

  8. The best selling authoress is Agatha Christie. She has sold over two billion copies of her books in over 45 languages.

  9. The Library of Congress contains more books than any other library in the world. There are almost 30 million books and over 500 miles of shelving. If you were walking five miles per hour., it would take more than four days to pass them all! ( Of Course , without sleeping or Eating!)

Source :- Children’s World


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