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Books – Our Lighthouses

March 25, 2012

Books – Our Lighthouses

Every school must have a library. This is also one of the mandatory requirements for a school, as listed out in the Kothari Commission. The purpose of the library is to develop the habit of reading in the students. It will also encourage the students to look into books for any thing that they are unaware of or is unknown to them. This will encourage the students to become members of a local or public library. Once they develop the taste for reading, they will be able to face any test in their life.

Richard Steele said, ‘Reading is to mind what exercise is to the body.’ Even Roald Dahl in his poetry ‘On Television’ has condemned the television. He has insisted the parents to remove it from the shelf and throw it away. He has urged the parents to replace it with books on different subjects. He has also pointed that initially the children will retaliate with reasonable violence but with the passage of time they would fall in love with the books. This habit, if formed in the tender age will help them a lot in their later years of life.

The habit of reading will initially help them to spend their time in fruitful way, rather than wailing it off with their hay day friends. Reading will improve their imagination skills. This will help them in the classrooms. When the teacher is trying to explain some concept or situation, they will be able to visualize it immediately. They won’t feel the lecture dry and drab as they will be able to visualize the words of the teacher. It will help them to attain the stability of their fickle mind. They will be able to think and react to a situation which is unknown to them or for which they are unprepared. Books, as they say are the best companions of a person. They take a person beyond the horizons of the sea and beyond the sky line. It also helps a person in building a better temperament.

Bertrand Russell had rightly said, ‘The temperament of an individual is inversely proportional to the content of his knowledge’. Reading helps the children to become optimistic in their lives. It gives them the strength to face the difficulties in their life. It also imbibes in them the necessary virtues for becoming a responsible individual in their later life. This will enhance their vocabulary, concentration, focus, discipline, memory, creativity, reasoning skills. It builds their self-esteem, expertise, and decreases mistakes and boredom. It improves their knowledge about proverbs, sayings, quotes by eminent personalities and much more. This will help them to create an impression of being ‘versatile’ in their social circles. This will enable them to take part in discussion on any topic under the sun. Reading also improves general awareness about the world. It introduces to the different cultures around the globe and keeps the motor of ones brain working. It can give an individual an opportunity to see common things in his life from a new perspective that allows him to live more consciously. I think books help one to make one’s own decisions about what one believes. They hand a person an idea, and it is up to the individual to take it or leave it.

Books are available on a lot of subjects. There are short stones, novels humorous books, books that teach the ethics of life and many more initially allow the child to choose a book of his choice. This will instill in the child the love and liking for books. Once this is achieved, then, the parents can supplement with different books to suit the age, liking, aptitude and attitude of the child. As they grow older they can be encouraged read on different subjects where the difficulty level too increases. This is -also called as ‘quality reading’, which is different from reading the newspapers, periodicals or magazines.

Reading can be for refreshment, entertainment or with some purpose. Gradually a habit of purposeful reading can be developed in the young minds. Reading is one of the best hobbies a person can have. But it’s saddening to know that majority of us aren’t introduced to the fabulous world of books. Reading also helps to break our day to day monotony. If you want to break the monotony of a lazy, uncreative and boring life,
go and grab an interesting book. Turn the pages to explore a new world filled with information and ingenuity.
I end by quoting Francis Bacon s words, some books are to be tasted, other to be swallowed and some to be chewed and digested’.

Happy Reading!!!


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