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Importance of Folktales in Today’s Curriculum

March 25, 2012

Importance of Folktales in Today’s Curriculum

In the 21 st.Century there is a paradigm shift in the field of education and curriculum. The focus is mainly on science and Technology, the reflection of which observed even in literature. But in spite of the change in taste and attitude, folk tales occupy a pivotal place
in literature. They have been an eternal part of every culture since ages. Folk tales are full of moralistic values ,passed on from generation to generation, creating bondage with traditional values.

Tales myths ,sagas and other narratives comprise perhaps the moist interesting part of literature in the from of a folktales. India, due to her diverse religion, cultural , language etc. has a complete range of tales and short stories. They include Panchatantra , hitopadesh, stories of jataka and folk tales from different state of India. Hittopdesha was
composed by Narayana Pandit a thousand years ago. Jatakas were written in 300 B.C. originally on Pali languages, Buddhist tales have been translated in to many Indian languages. Panchatantra was originally composed in the 2nd. Century BC by Vishnu

Many folk tales seek to explain the world around us; they often centre around favorite character and some times grow around real peopleand places. Folk tales are popular in all countries of the world. Stories of Egypt, Greece, England , Japan, China, Russia, France and other countries. Could cross the narrow boundaries of nationality and were
accepted globally. Creators of folk tales like Aesop, Joel Chandler Harris, jean de La Fontaine, Phaedrus will remain immortal, Indian folk tales like Beware of Mean Friends, Old Tiger and Greedy Travellar, Power of Rumour and those from other countries like Silence is Golden , Qui Jun and Arrogant Monk, River Talk are liked by the children
throughout the world. Phrases like “ Long long ago” or “ Once upon a Time” thrill children even in modern times. In today’s curriculum folk tale is a must to bring back Children from the world. Of materialism and instill values in them.

By Dr. Soma Dutta


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