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The Importance of Story Telling

March 25, 2012

The Importance of Story Telling

We all have been fascinated by stories. Stories play an important role in moulding our lives. Stories are used by motivational speakers to make their point clear to listeners.
Story telling is different from reading a story in many ways.
A story reader already possesses the skill of listening,
speaking and reading. Story reading is part of self learning. On the other hand story telling is entirely a different art. The person needs to have the love for the listeners and needs to be a good articulator of words with a good hold over vocabulary. He/She needs to know the importance of intonation and should possess proper accent. Story telling in the primary section is of vital importance.
While enabling the children to learn a new language story telling plays a vital role. On reviewing it can be observed that the most important thing in picking up of the language is exposure to the language and not the grammatical rules. After birth the child hears the language being spoken around him which is followed by his speaking the same. Later on he starts reading and finally he learns to write.
In English medium schools it is a must for the teachers to share at least one story with the children everyday.
They should prefer to pick up the familiar stories for the kids because they should remember that English is not their mother tongue. Stories like The Three Pigs, The Cats and The Monkey, The cap Seller and the Monkeys, The Old Man and his Four Lazy Sons, Cinderella, The Monkey and the Crocodile, and the like and share them with the little ones entrusted to them. They should make use of match stick drawings and if they are good in drawing they should make use of pictures on the chart or the writing boards and also be good at dramatization with the help of gestures and movements of the hand and face. While telling the story of a monster who held the man in his hands the teacher can exploit the situation by making the children also hold their little hands tight as if they are holding the man in their hands and thus provide them with an exercise to develop hand dexterity. She can make them imitate running of hopping or twisting their hands and body and thereby familiarize them with words like running, hopping and twisting which they will never forget. In between, the little ones should be asked few simple questions to ensure that they are following the story.
Parents should also develop the habit of reading out a story to their little ones everyday. For they should invest in good story books which shall prove to be a great investment for the proper development of their child both from the point of learning a new language and also learning moral values.

By :- Sukhwant Singh Thaper


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