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How well do you know your child?

April 11, 2012


How well do you know your child?

Here is an experience that a young mother shared with us.

Her child’s teacher had summoned her to school to discuss the poor grades he was getting. Sure enough, the mother went there, armed with all the usual defensive excuses for her boy’s poor performance. But she was in for a surprise! What the teacher showed her first were not the poorly done answer sheets, but asset of drawing the  boy had done. And they really loked cute, too.” I never knew Romey could draw so well , “ the astounded mother  said, Then the teacher asked her a million-dollar question, “ How well do you really know your child?”

Knowing your child and his real worth is the first step towards developing excellence in him. And the way to do this is by spending time with one’s children. Plan your time wisely, and it woul not be difficult to have real conversations with your child and observe him.

Parents are a child’s first and foremost teachers, and discovering the child’s individuality and talents will grately enhance your effectiveness in this role. Any experienced teacher will tell you that one-to –one teaching is the most effective way to teach, because the teacher can use the child’s individual intrests as motivational tools, However, this may not always work in a classroom. A parent is in the best position to observe thigs that make up a child’s individuality and personality.

One  fruitful way might be to notice what they do with their free time. Of course, free time here means that part of the day when the child  choose what to do not you. Even an occasional glance may give you  valuable clues to what will motivate and intrest a  child.

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