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Why T20s are more popular than Tests

April 14, 2012

Why T20s are more popular than Tests

Both begin with the letter ‘T’ but are the extremes of the three formats of cricket, aren’t they? In one of them you see proper display of cricketing skills including classic shots, fierce swing bowling etc. In the other you see mad hitting all over the ground (hit and giggle) and no sympathy for the poor bowlers. The Test format is undoubtedly the golden format of cricket but the scenario is completely different. You see crowds thronging the stadium in a Test match in England or Australia. But in India you see scarce crowds for Test matches. You see a crowded and noisy stadium throughout a T20 International Match but the same crowd slackens when it comes to a Test Match. Why?

Here are three reasons to explain this:-

1. T20s fit into the hectic modern life schedule. It is easier for an employed person to go and watch a 3- hour T2O game rather than watching a Test match on all the five days. Moreover, speed is the essence of modern life in which people are generally very busy, with no patience to watch Test Matches, which are stereotypically considered slow and boring.

2. T20s are result oriented. A Test Match can go on five days and can still end in a draw. But T20s are 99% result oriented. Test matches are slow paced games but T20s are generally high voltage matches with the crowd going berserk, cheering their teams, blowing their vuvuzuelas and so on, bringing in a lively atmosphere.

3. Boundaries are what we want! No one comes to watch the bowlers taking wickets. Instead they want loads of boundaries hit altogether. In the IPL, crowds wait eagerly for so called Gaylestorm whereas a five wicket haul by a bowler is hardly appreciated. In T20s it generally becomes 70%- 80% a batsman’s game, with pitches being a batsman’s haven. On the other hand, in Tests there is almost equal competition between the bat and the ball.

But still, Tests are the best!

Harita Reddy
X – C


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