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Bob Kane

April 20, 2012


Bob Kane

BORN Robert Kahn on October 24, 1915, Bob Kane was an American comic book writer and artist. His most popular creation was Batman.
He entered the comics field in 1936. During his early years, he worked on things such as a comic book called Wow, What A Magazine!, the serial Hiram Hick as well as Adventure Comics.

In 1939, Bob Kane conceived ‘the Bat-Man’. Kan drew influence for the character from actor Douglas Fairbanks’ character in the movie The Mask of Zorro Leonardo da Vinci’s diagram of the ornithopter, a flying machine with huge bat-like wings and the 1930 film The Bat Whispers.
Kane ventured into TV animation, creating characters such as Courageous Cat and Cool McCool. He even painted, and his work was displayed in art galleries. He published the autobiography Batman and Me, with a second volume Batman and Me, The Saga Continues, in 1996. Bob Kane died on November 3, 1998.


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