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Lost Books

May 6, 2012

Lost Books

Have you heard of books that made history, because nobody has seen them?some of them have vanished, or some of them might exist only in imagination.Here is a list of a few some such books.

  • Aristophanes’ Heracles – The Stage Manager’, was one of the playwrights several spoofs that disappeared.

  • Love’s Labour’s Won – this may have been a sequel to Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost. Some also say it might have been an alternative title for the ‘Taming  of the Shrew’.

  • Jane Austen’s incomplete novel Sanditon,’ was about hypochondriacs and cures begun when the author was fatally ill.

  • The second half of ‘Dead Souls‘ by Nikolai Gogol. The author burned it after a religious conversion convinced him that literature was paganism.

  • Socrates’ version of ‘Aesop’s Fables‘ was totally destroyed.

  • R.L. Stevenson’s  ‘Weir of Hermiston‘ was left incomplete by the author’s death.


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