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Happy Toys

May 16, 2012

Happy Toys

All parents love  to buy toys for children. But, how careful are we in choosing the right toy? Here are somr useful tips on toy selection.

1.  Safety first. The cuteness or colourfulness of a toy Must always be secondary to this.

2. Toys for very small babies should be light enough to prevent injury.

3. Check if there any holes small enough to trape your baby’s finger.

4. Avoid toys with long strings that can be swallowed, or become wrapped around a small child’s neck.

5. Make sure that any toys you buy is toughened, so that it cannot develop sharp edges if it is broken.

6. Check  whether the paints, plastics, dyes, etc. Used to make the toy are non toxic.

7. Avoid toys that use very samall batteries.

8. Make sure that remote controlled toys produce harmless rays.

9. Consider buying furry toys that are machine washable and colour-fast and made using good quality materials.

We cannot have toys that are one hundred percent safe. So, take utmost care, and make sure that you supervise small children when they are handling toys.

Source : Magic Pot

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