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Lets check your knowledge :- 9

May 19, 2012


1. Who is the author of ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’?
Ans – Jeff Kinney

2.Who is the author of ‘The train to Pakistan’?
Ans- Khushwant Singh

3. Who is the author of famous five series?
Ans- Enid Blyton

4. What is the perodicity of Nandan Magazine?
Ans- Monthly

5. Name the latest Book by ‘Arvind Adiga’.
Ans- The last man in Tower

6. Who wrote the brief history of time?
Ans- Stephen Hawking

7. Who is the author of Aleph?
Ans- Paulo Coelho

8. Which is the last book of Harry Potter series?
Ans- Harry Potter and deathly Hallows

9. Who is the author of Malgudy Days?
Ans- R.K.Narayan

10. Who is the author of The Secret?
Ans- Rhonda Bryne

11. Which is the famous book written by Vishnu Sharma?
Ans- Panchatantra

12. Who wrote The Jungle Book?
Ans-Rudyard Kipling

13. Name the autobiography of Hitler?
Ans- Mein Kampf

14. Who is the author of Pinjar?
Ans- Amrita Pritam

15. Who wrote Chidambara?
Ans- Sumitranandan Pant

16. Which is the famous book of Harivansh Rai Bachchan?
Ans- Madhushala

17. Who is the author of Tamas?
Ans- Bhishma Sahni

18. Who is the author of Vaishali ki Nagarvadhu?
Ans- Acharya Chatursen

19. Jnanpeeth puraskar is given in which field?
Ans – Literature

20. Who wrote Geet Gobindom?
Ans- Jaidev

21. Who is the author of The Three Musketeers?
Ans- Alexender Dumas

22. Which author is a bengali writer and an oscar winning film Director?
Ans- Satyajit Ray

23. Who is the author of Around the world in Eighty Days?
Ans- Jules Verne

24. Who is the author of Hamlet?
Ans – William Shakespeare

25. Which literary award Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of melodies win?
Ans- The Pulitzer

26. Which is the famous book of Charles Darwin?
Ans The Origin of Species

27. Who wrote Devdas?
Ans- Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay

28. Who is the author of Ramcharitmanas?
Ans- Tulsidas

29. What is the full form of NCERT?
Ans – National council for education Research and Technology

30. What is the periodicity of Down To Earth magazine?
Ans- Fortnightly

31. What is the full form of WWW?
Ans- World Wide Web

32. Mowgli is the character of which famous book?
Ans- The Jungle Book

33. ‘Koi deewana kehta hai’ which poet wrote these lines?
Ans- Dr. Kumar Vishwas

34. Which book won The Man Booker Prize in 2011?
Ans- The sense of an Ending

35. For which book Rabindranath Tagore won Noble prize?
Ans- Geetanjali

36. Which is the highest literary award in India?
Ans- Jnanpeeth

37. Who is the vice president of India?
Ans- Mohd. Hamid Ansari

38. What do we call a Dictionary in hindi?
Ans – Shabdkosh

39. Name one famous year book of India?
Ans- Manorama

40. When do we celebrate World Book Day?
Ans – 23 of April


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