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The magic of motivations

July 15, 2012

The magic of motivations

If you want your child to give off his best, in studies as well as as in life, he needs to hae high self-esteem. And it is primarily at home that a child’s self-esteem grows and develops.  Motivation is the magic word to develop self-esteem. At the same time it is an often misunderstood word too.

Motivation is not just about praising the child every time he succeeds in something. In fact, a child’s motivation to learn is not much affected by success and failure. The reactions of parents and teacher’s are much more important. Many parents and teachers do not properly understand that praising success only breeds dependence, and consequent fears of  not pleasing. What elders should encourage is a child’s effort to master an activity. What counts is the effort to do something, not what the child has achieved.

 Just imagine a little one making his first attempt to button up his shirt himself. He proudly showshis dad what he has done. His dad takes one look and says, “ Hey, How careless- you’ have done it all wrong! Put the buttons in the right holes!” Obviously the child would feel put down. The parent here has obviously failed to see that the child’s effort itself was an achievement. The parent should have encouraged him on his initiative and effort. And then showed him the right way to do it. If such critical reactions become aregular feature at home, the child may get anxious while doing anything.

 Making unrealistic demand of perfection is bad, obviously. Equally bad is making no demands at all. This would also lead to low self-esteem for a child. What a wise parent should know is that there is an optimum pressure to be put on the child- enough to give him the thrill of  challenge, but not so much to make them feel anxious or distressed.

Source : Magic Pot

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