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Shine India, Shine!

August 21, 2012

Shine India, Shine!

Etiquette pronounced ‘E-ti-ket’ — means conventional rules of personal behaviour in a polite society. It is an unwritten code of conduct, which unfortunately most of us don’t follow!

Our streets are dirty with overflowing garbage bins; staircase corners in commercial buildings are smeared with reddish spittle; street corners stink of stale urine; we behave in a disorderly manner while boarding a city bus or local train; we don’t dress properly; and, to top it all, we use bad language even while playing cricket – which is supposed to be a gentleman’s game! The list is endless. Paradoxically, we pride ourselves as being one of the world’s mot ancient civilizations!

China, with an equally ancient culture has woken up to the fact that its citizens lack good behaviour. So, the government has introduced lessons on etiquette in all schools. Children will learn about decorum, respecting elders, courtesy, dressing properly, table manners, polite conversation, pleasant behaviour, and so on.

Our education ministers too, both at the centre and states should start thinking along these lines. The message will spread, if we set an example. Let us build a society of well-behaved citizens and India will shine among nations of the world!

Courtesy : Gokulam


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