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Malaory Towers

September 6, 2012

Malory Towers

Malaory Towers BY Enid Blyton

Malory Towers is an exciting series about  a girl called Darrell, who joins Malory Towers.There he meets new friends. This book describes in her beloved boarding school. Each edition of Malory Towers has new adventures, new students and teachers and new tricks with new excitement and fun. Students at Malory Towers play different tricks with their teachers. Alicia is well known for that and she has many friends. Daphne is a forgetful girl who never remembers anything. Mary Lou is known for her sweet voice and many other girls have unique qualities.This book teaches us to be independent.The giels studying at Malory Towers are independent and manage everything on their own. Their annul day scripts, costumes and everything is done by them. Their subjects are different from ours. Reading this book helps one understand that a boarding school can also be fun.


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