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Let’s Check your knowledge-11

September 12, 2012

Let’s Check your knowledge-11

( For the Primary Class)

1 On rainy days, you see lightning first and then hear the thunder. So what travels faster?

      a) Sound.             b) Light.

2 What number, when multiplied or divided by the same number, results in the same number?

a) 1                      b) 0                           c) 11

3 What do wet clothes give off as they dry?

a) Steam             b)Water Vapour      c) Humidity

4 What are boats which travel under water called?

a) Ultramarine    b) Submarine         c)Aquamarine

5 Which of these components of food are known as A, B, C, D and K in their various forms?

a) Vitamins          b) Fats                     c)Carbohydrates

6 What fills any empty space in which it is put?

a) Solid                   b) Liquid                  c) Gas

7 What is the name of the instrument with which we can see things bigger?

a) Mirror           b)Magnifying glass    c) Stethoscope

8 What do we call the instrument used to watch the heavens?

a) Microscope   b) Telescope             c)Kaleidoscope

9 What is dew formed of?

a) Water                b) Air                          c) Fire

10 What is the function of the Central Processing Unit of a Computer?

a) Creating invoices    b) Performing calculations and processing


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