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Avoid Inconsistencies

September 13, 2012

Avoid Inconsistencies

Children usually observe, analyse, imitate and memories the words and deeds of adults. Since they are kneen observers, they will find out if parents and teachers behave , give instructions and express opinions which are behave , give instructions and express opinions which are not in conformity with their words and deeds. Whenever children find such inconsistencies, they may show a tendency to disobey and disapprove their parents and teachers. Children will respect only those who practice what the preach. For example, parents, who instruct children not to watch TV while eating will command the respect and obedience, if they themselves do not practice it.


Likewise at school also, instructions or punctuality, honesty etc. given by teachers, if not consistent with their practice, may not be heeded by students.Some parents and teachers believe that children cannot make out inconsistencies in their words and deeds. But the fact is that children are able to analyse and interpret the behaviour of adults even better than what their close friends and colleagues can. Children believe that “Rules are for all” They never tolerate the concept that there are , or there ought to be a separate code of conduct for children and adults. Hence parents must be careful not to create  instances of inconsistencies.

Source :- PCM Children Magazine


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