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The habit of stealing among the children

September 14, 2012

The  habit of stealing  among the children

( For Nursery/primary School children)

NIsha, the young mother four -year old varun writes, ” My son always wants to possess his friends’ tys. Why does he  steal at such a small age? ” nish was obviously worried about what this tendency protends for her son’s future.
psychologists around the world have made many studies about the habit of stealing among the children. According to them, the habit among young children, of taking things that belong to others, should not really be categprised as stealing,. Their studies reveal some intresting finding too.

1 Little children often fail to distinguish between their own belongings, and those that belong to others. Therefore, they do not think there’s anythings wrong in taking someone else’s tos.

2 Children often don’t know the rights and wrong of the society.
How  can we solve this negative behaviour? Parents can help to sort out this problem to a great extent.

Here are some suggesstions. Whenever a child comes home with others’ possessions, parents should explain the situation to them in the right way. On such occasions, parents should begin their conversation gently, like ” Mama knows that you have something with you that is not yours. ” they should never say, ” Did you steal your friend’s toy?” This will encourage the child to tell a lie. Don’t use negative words like steal, thief, lie etc. to a child- these will make  the child feel as if he is a culprint.
Parents must , with great patience and understanding, try to make the child return other’s belongings by himself. Then applaud the child for his action.
Once the child understands that his or her friends also own things and makes the connection of possession, then things would be much easier
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