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The man is But What he Knoweth

September 14, 2012

The man is But What he Knoweth

With the  passage of time, our minds grow old and we think that we are forgetting many things we ought to remember well. But we forget the fact that we forget something not because we get old, but because we do not practise them as we did earlier. A great writer has written – ” Old minds are like old horses, you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in order.”
If you think that your memory is getting weak, you commit a blunder. The more you use your mind , the more efective it becomes. You can stretch your mental muscles to make the most of your mental power. All that you have to do is to practise techniques so that you can increase your memory. By doing so, you can also find creative solutions to most of your problems and in the process, you will inevitably improve your communication skills which are responsible for  strengthening your performance with each day that goes by. It is your memory which determines your real merit; it is your merit which decides your good fortune.
YOU should, therefore, try your best to increase your memory and add merit to your acquired knowledge, if you really want to success in your aim  of ensuring your good fortune. One of the greatest poets and thinkers of all time, Goethe says : ” It never occurs to fools that merit and good fortune are closely united. ” One of the easiest ways to increase your memory is to exercise your mind. If you try to know the technique, you will find that the traditional memory improvement method was repetition. But today experts no longer attach any serious importance to this method as they do not find it to be very effective. Actually, repetition helps very little, so long as you do not build in some more powerful strategies.
You are advised to use both sides of your  brain because  like others, you may also have a preference towards one side of your brain. If you are more left-brained, you would benefit from working on becoming  more creative to help you increase your whole brain approach to thinking and learning. The left side of your brain may not be as dominant as the right side. In that case, you would benefit from  more logical reasoning. You ought to connect with your long term memory. A long-term memory is one which is contrary to the  phenomenon called short-term memory. The layman approach to describe the  shor-term memory is ” Entering through one ear and going out through the other. ” It implies that we forget certain things that we should remember, because we do not rehearse the new information when it comes to our minds.
In order  to transfer all that you see or read to your long-term memory, you have to  practise the art of retaining. For  example, when you read a book full of information and you  want  that all the information should be retained,  you have to take notes as you read each chapter. YOU  can even catalogue or categorise the information, Bear in mind that any deliberate processing of new information makes it more accessible in the future. This simple act of writing down  any information you need to remember impresses it more firmly upon your memory: categorising and  cataloguing it further enhances its effect; creates more connections with your long-term memory.Be specific with information. Specifics are very easy to learn. Take breaks, test and review what you know and then re-test. Put your new learning into a context, looking at how it fits in to  the bigger picture. Bring all of your senses into play. ” The mind is the mn. and knowledge mind; the man is but what he knoweth.”

From : CSR Magazine ( Sept.-12)


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