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Do They need Tuitions? ( For Primary Children parents)

September 22, 2012

Do They need Tuitions?

During a recent interactive session, an educational expert had to face an amusing, yet disturbing observation made by a parent. “ My three-and – a- half year old used to cry a lot when she was taken to school at first. Now she seems to like school, but cries in the evening when she has to go for tuition.”

It’s no wonder that the educational expert was taken aback to hear this. Especially when the parent explained that his little girl had to go for two hours, tuition every evening from 4-6 pm.
Sadly , this highlights a disturbing tend that’s becoming increasingly prevalent among young., school- going children. One of the reason parents usually give for sending children for tuition is that her homework is done. They might also feel that it is beneficial to have a ‘ professional’ teacher to help their child with studies.
Should children so young be sent for tuitions after their routine lessons at school/ Far from being beneficial to a child this practice can be most damaging. Long hours of tuitions, over and above school hours, can be very tiring for a young child. It may also give him a negative impression of the learning process, which is the last thing a parent wants.
Another reason parents cite when asked why they are sending their child for tuition is, “ because everyone else in the neighborhood does so! “ This is also not wise. Tuitions should only be taken when a child needs special attention for a subject that he is weak in, or when a child is ill etc. Tuitions should not be seen as a way to get a child’s homework done everyday because the parents are too busy to help out, nor should they be seen as a way for the parents to get the children out of the house, and out of mischief, for a few hours.
Do not over stress young children with too much of formal studies. Teach them in other ways out of the classroom, using toys, books etc.

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