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Words ,Words and More Words

November 18, 2012

Words ,Words and More Words


What is the most powerful tool your child needs for her successful development?

 It is languages, of course. Or, let us be more specific and say ‘words’ . it is words that let us think . Create ideas, and reason. How many words one has at one’s command decides the lavels of reasoning and creatity ans skill in communication.

 It never to early for a child to start picking up languages skills. The basics of languages are acquired for a child to start picking up language skills. The basics of language are acquired largely through meaningful interation between the child and adults. Keep talking to her , and take time to tell her stories, and recite rhymes . Tell her what is going on when something is happening . When you observe something of intrest –whether it’s a dog, a flower, or butterfly –talk to your child about what you see. The more you link ideas together,the more your child will learn.

Reading out stories is another fruitful way to develop language skills. Another tip would be to talk about what are you doing?. “ come on ; watch me  scrape some carrots for dinner! “ Such conversations can be very effective because the child can actually associate words with seeing their meanings in action. Don’t make a fuss if your child make mistake while she talks. It is not a sin after all, if a little one says, “ I goed to temple today? You could correct her indirectly by saying, “ Oh, you went to the temple? Very good!”

Nursery rhymes , action songs, word games, etc. are all effective tools to develop a child’s language skills. Let your child speak her way to success!

Source : Magic Pot


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