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What parenting teaches us

November 24, 2012


What parenting teaches us

Parents  are the most important teachers a child can have. True, but has it ever occurred to you that parents, too have a lot to learn from their children? Just watch them grow, and their expression, words, and actions can give you insightful lessons about life.

One of the lessons parenting can teach you is that it does not pay to yell. If you yell at children, they will also learn to yell. May be you are just doing this to give vent to your frustration, but children don’t perceive it in this way. All it teaches them is how to make use of their voice to gain control of a tricky situation.

Another lesson is perhaps that we have to honour our commitments. If you tell them you’ll join them in play later, they are sure to make you understand that you have to do it. And, otherwise, how can you expect them to value their own words? Obviously, you also want your children to grow up with proper family values, and your efforts towards this end will teach you to be a good family person.

Parenting will also teach you that you need to take care of yourself. After all, it is how you take care of youeself and keep yourself happy, that teachers your children to be healthy I body and mind.

Your social habits too can improve through your parenting efforts. For instance, you come to understand that you cnnot engage in idle gossip. Any time you do so, your children might be listening, and just imagine them repeating some embarrassing details at a neighbourhood party! Parenting also teaches us that we need to nurture our relationship, in order to keep them healthy.

 We also learn the valuable lesson that we need to accept defeat with grace. We need to take our downfalls in our stride, and be honest about them. Otherwise, children may be haunted by the notion that they have to be perfect, because their parents seem to be so. You can, by your own example, teach children how to take setbacks in the proper spirit.

 All parents strive to make their children better people. In this effort, let us learn to be better person ourselves.

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