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Life’s lesson through play

December 8, 2012

 Life’s lesson through play

          Today’s child lives in a nuclear family, spending most of her time indoors, with eyes glued to the television or computer. The joy of playing outside of having playmates of her own age has become strange to her. She also messes many important lessons a child learns by just playing.

          What are the benefits of playing games? A lively game of cops and robbers can teach a child many things. As a child climbs trees and clambers up branches, she unconsciously absorbs all the details about them.

Young children playing with building blocks or dolls are learning valuable lessons. They build villages and towns; take on the role of father and mother. Their imagination is so gradually learn to include other children in their make-believe world. This wills nature the value of sharing among them.

Playing helps a child to develop her strengths and overcome her weaknesses. A child who dislikes mathematics can be taught to enjoy it through games that include simple sums. Indoor games like snakes and ladders are especially helpful on this. Boards that appear in magic pot also help children to enhance their various skills like numerical, language, and skills in concentration and observation.

Group games will help children to develop their emotional quotient. They will also help them to develop leadership qualities. A team spirit is imbibed by playing, or by co-operating with others. Lively games like cricket, football, cops and robbers help them to develop fine motor skills.

The art of winning honestly and losing sportingly are the other qualities learnt through play. Truly, these are the qualities that will help them to face the future challenges of life.

From :- Magicpot magazine



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