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Paint it Green

December 8, 2012

Paint it Green

“My son is very passionate about working on the colouring activities in Magic Pot. But he colours the pictures in a strange way. He often colours a leaf red instead of green, and makes the sky green. Should I make a constant effort to correct him?” These are the words of an anxious mother.

Some of the parents probably consider such follies in colouring a great mistake. But they are not, in fact, mistakes at all! A child’s imagination is quite different from that of an adult. In fact, a child is much more imaginative than an adult. That is why the sky is green, and a leaf appears as red when he colours them. Perhaps he is curious to know how things world look if he coloured them differently.

The colouring activities in Magic Pot are designed with this purpose. They also involve many skills and abilities apart from mere artistic talent. As a child pick up a crayon, he is learning to identify specific colours. He also differentiates different objects, and then decides on which colours to use by himself. This activity not only boosts a child’s confidence, but also helps a preschooler to practice holding a pencil or crayon. Constant practice will increase a child’s motor skills, and help him or her to achieve perfection gradually.

Remember, it’s not the perfection of the coloured picture that matters, but the effort a child puts into it. Later on, when a child starts to compare what he has seen in real life with the way he has coloured, natural rules will automatically make an impression on his mind. This will evolve only through observation and experience.

So don’t worry too much about how your child colours a picture. Let the child colour, or tear a page as he likes. Keep in mind that his little hands are learning things in their own clumsy way.

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